Redesign, a platform renowned for its diverse content and vibrant community of writers and readers, underwent a comprehensive UI/UX redesign to enhance user experience and accessibility while retaining its essence and familiarity to existing users. The redesign aimed to simplify content creation for writers, improve navigation for readers, and optimize accessibility across devices.


Quiz Page Before/AfterQuiz Page Before/After
Main Page Before/AfterMain Page Before/After


  1. Complexity in Content Creation: Existing tools for article creation posed challenges for writers, hindering the process of sharing diverse perspectives.
  2. Navigation and Readability: Users faced difficulties navigating the website and reading articles seamlessly across various devices.
  3. Event Management: Premium users lacked a streamlined process to view and register for events hosted on the platform.
  4. FAQ Navigation: Navigating through frequently asked questions was cumbersome, leading to user frustration.


Redesign Solutions:

  1. Streamlined Article Creation: Introducing an intuitive article editor streamlined the content creation process, empowering writers to share their insights effortlessly.
  2. Improved Navigation: The redesigned website featured enhanced navigation, making it easier for readers to discover new authors and explore diverse content.
  3. Enhanced Event Pages: Premium users gained access to event dates and streamlined check-in processes, fostering community engagement and participation.
  4. Revamped FAQ Section: The FAQ section underwent a user-centric redesign, enabling seamless navigation and quick access to essential information.
  5. Optimized Quiz Pages: Quiz pages were revamped for enhanced accessibility and visual appeal across desktop and mobile devices, enriching user engagement.
  6. Enhanced Article Pages: Article pages were redesigned for improved readability, featuring infinite scroll functionality for a seamless reading experience.
  7. Refined Main Page: The main page underwent enhancements to improve accessibility and visual aesthetics while maintaining familiarity for existing users.



  1. Increased User Engagement: Users spent 50% more time on the website, reflecting enhanced user satisfaction and engagement.
  2. Improved Accessibility and Speed: The website's enhanced accessibility and faster loading times improved the user experience and positively impacted SEO rankings.
  3. Optimized SEO: Specialized pages enumerating article tags and authors, along with improved AMP pages, bolstered the platform's SEO performance, driving organic traffic and visibility.

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