Cactus Vision — branding and identity

Cactus Vision, a digital agency, wanted a unique look that showed off their creativity and reliability. They specialize in making mobile apps, websites, and web services.


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  1. Making a look that matches Cactus Vision's creative vibe.
  2. Creating rules to make sure everything looks the same everywhere.
  3. Designing graphics for all their services.
  4. Making easy posters for social media.
  5. Keeping all the rules in one place so everyone can use them.



  1. Learning and Research: We learned all about Cactus Vision's brand and who they wanted to talk to. This helped us understand what they stand for and what makes them special.
  2. Coming Up with Ideas: We tried different looks, fonts, and colors to find what felt right for Cactus Vision. We wanted something modern and clear but also fun.
  3. Fonts and Colors: We picked fonts that looked clean and easy to read.
  4. Making Things Easy to See: We organized the design so that important stuff stands out.
  5. Talking in the Right Way (Tone of voice): We chose words that feel friendly but still serious. This makes people feel good about working with Cactus Vision.
  6. Making Graphic Icons: We make graphic icons to show what Cactus Vision does. Each one is unique and easy to understand, making the brand memorable.
  7. Simple Social Media Posters: We made templates for social media posts that anyone can use. Just change the colors and add a picture, and you're good to go.
  8. Keeping Everything Together: We put all the rules and designs in one place so that everyone knows how to use them. This makes it easy to keep everything looking the same.

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